Precautions in operation and daily maintenance of RF micro-needle

Gold RF microneedles can rejuvenate the face, tighten and lift, remove scars and maintain the skin for a long time. When using gold RF microneedles, you should pay attention to the following items:

1. Wipe off the soothing cream and ask the guests if they feel numb.

2. Adjust the appropriate parameters to start the operation, and tell the guests that it is normal to feel hot when it starts.

3. Ask the guest’s feelings during operation, and observe the changes of the guest’s skin at all times. It is normal for the treated area to be even red.

4. The treatment area should be treated evenly. Try not to repeat the needle treatment area . Put the treatment head vertically on the skin, close to the skin, don’t tilt up, and don’t hang up, to avoid energy hitting the epidermis and causing heat damage.

5. There are 25, 49, 81 needles to choose from. Choose needles according to the size of the operating area.

6. One person has one needle, which cannot be reused to avoid blood infection.

After using the gold RF microneedle, it also needs to be maintained:

1. After each operation , clean the operation head with soft paper towel or towel, and disinfect the treatment head with alcohol cotton.

2. Wipe the machine regularly to keep the instrument clean and tidy.

3. In the process of instrument handling, handle it with care to minimize turbulence.

4. Start the machine regularly to ensure the normal use of the machine.

Post time: Sep-16-2022